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Property and Water

The property itself is situated exactly 40 km NW of Brisbane CBD. It consists of 252Ha (625 Acres) and sits in a valley on its own. Three of the boundaries border the D’Aguilar National Park giving the whole valley almost continuous forest cover from the creek in the middle to the top of the surrounding catchment.

The forest and understory vegetation act to slow the water from rainfall events allowing more to enter the soil, subsoil and underlining rock before entering the creek itself. The creek is intermittent and flows after rain but always holds good waterholes that are a haven for aquatic life.

Following the first good rains in spring when the creek flows, frogs, in numbers hard to imagine appear from seemingly nowhere. During these events the crescendo of croaking frogs moves like a verbal Mexican wave down the valley becoming almost deafening.

From the creek the water also enters underground and is filtered through the gravel bed before entering cracks in the hard rock base. The water from all areas congregates and moves in the cracks to form an aquifer. During this process it is enriched with minerals and becomes alkaline from the type of rock it has been filtered through. This is the water our customers share in. It is unique in that it just comes from nature.

The property also provides habitat for many native animals a number of which are rare, or rare in the area. Some of these include; phascogales, dunnarts, antechinus, taipan, Stephen’s banded snake, greater glider, powerful owls, glossy black cockatoos and the majestic regent bowerbird.

All pictures on the site have been taken on the property.

This video shows the continuous forest cover to the top of the catchment in the surrounding National Park on the Mineral Water Direct property. This forest provides the first stage of a natural water filter system for the mineral water our customers enjoy. It also provides habitat to many native animals and birds.

Commonly referred to as a spring. Water, which has been filtered by nature and mineralised underground bubbles out of a group of rocks on the Mineral Water property.

Our Water

The water that comes from the property is mineral water in the true sense of the word.  In Australia only waters that have a total dissolved solid content of over 250 parts per million (ppm) are called mineral water. Waters with total dissolved solids of less than 250ppm are called spring water.

The mineral content of our water does vary slightly from season to season depending upon weather conditions but generally only by about 10%.


Unlike other bottled waters our water is given minimal processing and delivered fresh as possible to our customers straight from the source.

The water is first passed through two filters; 1st @ 5 micron and then 2nd @ 1 micron. Following this the water passes by a UV light for added safety then finally passing through a 0.45-micron absolute filter.  This process ensures that any bacteria  are killed/filtered out but allows mineral to still be present.