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For centuries the health and vitality of the longest living people on the planet has been attributed to them consuming mineral water direct from Mother Nature. Only water sourced from beneath mineral rich rock, without artificial purification processes, can provide this level of wellbeing (Known as Living Water)

Our water is sourced from a wilderness property and is drawn from an aquifer in solid rock just below the surface using 100% renewable energy.

Located one hour drive north west of Brisbane’s CBD, the property has been held for over 20 years for it’s environmental richness. Native forests cover over 90% of the property, which provides a haven to an abundant and diverse range of flora and fauna, including some rare and vulnerable species. Being surrounded on three sides by National Park provides for continuous forest cover to the very top of the catchment and for miles beyond.

The forest and underlining rock provide a natural filter imparting the mineral content to the water and making it slightly alkaline. This together with the “no chemical” approach to land management ensures the water is free from contaminants and is as natural as nature can provide.

Water Analysis

AlkalinityCaCO3298 mg/L
Sodium Na+70 mg/L
 Potassium K1.0 mg/L
 Calcium Ca2+68 mg/L
 Magnesium Mg2+25 mg/L
 Sulphate SO4 33 mg/L
 Bicarbonate HCO3361 mg/L
 Chloride Cl62 mg/L
 Fluoride F 0.28 mg/L
 Silca SiO223 mg/L
 Total Dissolved Solids 461 mg/L