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Our core business is to provide sustainable natural mineral water direct to customers from our environmental wilderness property. Because of our commitment to the environment, we offer this service only to Brisbane and surrounds.

Why mineral water, not spring water?

In Australia, spring water is defined as water having a low mineral count (< 250 mg/L), water containing higher mineral content is classified as Mineral Water, ours is a true Mineral Water

 The mineral content of our water not only exceeds the Australian standards but also meets the European standard where mineral waters are the most prized of all, St Pellegrino, Evian, and Perrier to name a few.

100 % natural: our water does not go through any processing or have added elements or chemicals

CO2 neutral; Our water is extracted using 100% off-grid solar power.

Sustainable: Our water is only offered in refillable tubs or in 500-liter tanks.

Interested in becoming a customer?  Contact us to check service availability in your area

Water Analysis
pH  (average)    7.4

AlkalinityCaCO3298 mg/L
Sodium Na+70 mg/L
 Potassium K1.0 mg/L
 Calcium Ca2+68 mg/L
 Magnesium Mg2+25 mg/L
 Sulphate SO4 33 mg/L
 Bicarbonate HCO3361 mg/L
 Chloride Cl62 mg/L
 Fluoride F 0.28 mg/L
 Silca SiO223 mg/L
 Total Dissolved Solids 461 mg/L